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Sun Fiberglass Pools - Don't forget the filter !!

Don't forget the filter !!

posted by Sun Fiberglass Pools @ 9:04am, Friday 11 June 2010.

Donít forget the Filter?

The swimming poolís filter is the key to an easy to operate care free pool. The consumers think the pump is the main part of the system, but the filter is the key to a great system, the filter regulates the flow of the water, clarity of the water, along with the cycle time for the system (How long to run the system per day) . The pool filter is the heart of the system without the proper filter the pool will use more energy, chemicals, and require more maintenance. The flow of the filter is very important to the life of the system, and itís very important to match the pump and filter as to not over-pressure the filter from too big a pump, may times customers think a bigger pump is better but if the filter can be less effective with too much pressure from the pump. A good indicator of this is the sound of the pool pump motor . The typical pool pump should run with a quiet low pitched humming noise, if the pump is screaming something isnít functioning properly.

The size of the piping is very important the number of fittings along the way on the supply and returns lines all slow down the flow. The reason most people have green pools and dirty looking water they all have a bad filter and under sized pipes in common. The pool should have a turn over rate of 2-3 times per day. This turn over rate can be determined by the flow rate on the label of the filter divided by the volume of the pool water( Total Gallons) . The big problem is when you have a poor performing filter the customers thinks a larger pump will do a better job when thatís just the opposite the larger pump will use more energy and put more stress on the already under performing filter. Think of the pool filter like your air filters in your home you rarely see dust floating in the air but the filters are covered same holds true with the dirt in your pool water. We have all done this one when the heating A/C tech comes out to the house whatís the first thing they do , remove the air filter and then check the system, your air conditioner wonít work properly without proper air flow your pool wonít be clean and clear without the proper water flow.

The better the filter the easier to keep your pool pristine clean, lower the cost of energy to keep the pool clean, and the fewer chemicals required. This small investment will pay for itself time and time again.


That's a great post about what to remember about using filters! <a href="">Do links work?</a>

poolfan1 - 1:51am, Thursday 6 January 2011.

Please send me a price guide.


sharon - 3:36pm, Thursday 13 January 2011.

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