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Sun Fiberglass Pools - How to Choose the Right Contractor

How to Choose the Right Contractor

posted by Sun Fiberglass Pools @ 3:36pm, Monday 15 February 2010.

How to Choose the Right Contractor



1.) Make sure the contractor is very clear about what is as isn’t included in the proposal for the project. The best projects always start with a clear diagram of the lay-out and a detailed project estimate that spells out the inclusions and terms for payments.


2.) Make sure each contractor estimates for the same basic project to compare the features and prices for the options to make sure you receive the items your family is expecting. The mistake people make is they get at inferior substitute instead of the brand name option. The contractors normally all pay the same costs for the materials on the piping, systems, decking materials etc so a large difference in costs usually means someone’s cutting a corner or leaving something out


3.) Check references for the project. Talk with past customers about the workers and the experience they had building the project. Remember things happen but it’s how they are managed and handled that separates the good contractors from the bad.


4.) Always pay as you go, Sun Fiberglass does require a fabrication deposit upon the order being placed for the swimming pool. The biggest problem we see with customers is paying more money that the contractor has in the project, the typical deposit for a project is 10-15% depending on a special order. The contract and payment schedule should be set-up to pay as you go like a payment when the pool is delivered and placed, a payment for the decking when poured etc. This way the contract and the work performed are equally paid along the way.


5.) Remember all of the fiberglass companies have exclusions in the shell warranty if the pool isn’t installed correctly. The installing contractor is responsible to install the pool and components according to manufacturer’s instructions, not installing these products correctly will not be covered under most industry warranties. The factory warranties will require registration make sure that you receive the warranty conditions and operation instructions each major item like the pool, pump, filter, heater etc.


6.) A good contractor will offer great communications throughout the project, using e-mails, text messages, and phone calls to make sure the customers understand what’s going on and when they are needed for access to the main home.


7.) Contractor supervision- A hands on builder is the best builder, make sure you have a lead man to work with throughout the project for questions and procedures. A good company has the boss walk the lot so to speak and check on the progress of your project.


8.) Final walk-thru orientation-  Okay know you have the great new pool in the back yard and how do you keep it that way. A good contractor will set-up a special appointment with your family to demonstrate the pool system service, cover or barrier installation, safety equipment, water balance (testing) , and a top to bottom review of your project.

Make sure to receive the Pool Maintenance Manual we provide with each swimming pool.


9.) Make Sure you receive a Contractor’s Final Project Affidavit that certifies that all of the materials and have been paid in full and they are no outstanding claims for payment by any of the sub-contractors or supplier’s giving you clear title to the project and any warranties.


10.)  The backyard pool can be a total headache if you don’t have the right contractor build your pool. The details matter on the piping systems, circulation systems, decking and landscaping if these are not constructed properly, repairs and corrections can be very expensive in addition to creating a total site mess. The old adage holds true “You Get What You Pay For” in the swimming pool industry as well.


Not every project will go according to plan anytime your watch a program on TV where a project is being done something comes up, weeks of rain, delays in orders, backorders, inspection and permit situations. A good contractor has been around the block so to speak and has the staff and ability to handle the little un-expected’s . One other tip don’t plan the pool project just in time for the “Big Event” make sure you have plenty of time to get the pool before done before you make those party plans.




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