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Sun Fiberglass Pools - How to build Value in your project

How to build Value in your project

posted by Sun Fiberglass Pools @ 1:01pm, Tuesday 2 March 2010.

When you are deciding on the backyard resort it is important to have a check list of what your family expects in the finished project. Whether playing a game of volleyball, or relaxing on a raft, to how do you handle the “pool party” be part of the project planning. The overall pool area needs to be considered the size of the decking , landscaping outdoor kitchen or bath, hot tub, fire pit or spa.

One of the considerations is also what will have the most value in the options and selections for a pool, are the decorative deck designs and the look important, is the pool for form or function so to speak. The basic value added options would be as follows,

Heating the pool- A pool heater is a great way to add value to your swimming pool investment. The typical pool heater will extend the swimming season for the pool and offer an affordable way to enjoy the warm tropical feeling waters.

Custom Touches- In the real estate markets the value is area, the housing industry is based on square footage the concrete decking for the pool deck adds value to the property. A common mistake most families make is to under think the decking area for the pool, the typical basic 3’ of concrete doesn’t work around the pool. The typical installation plans we offer on the web-site is a recommend minimum for the pool area. We realize that some sites that area is not possible and should be adjusted for the situation. The pool decking is never enough for a pool party or lounging around the deck for the sun spot.

Pool enclosures- A pool enclosure is normally required for a backyard pool, these enclosure include fences, aluminum screen enclosures, glass rooms, automatic pool covers, safety covers etc. A great looking fence along with landscaping will make or break the bang for the buck factor. The aluminum fences are a very attractive option the fence panels are simple to install and offer a variety of styles and shapes. A lot of customers use the aluminum fence panels with brick columns on the corners . A fence is required to have a self closing latch.

Eco-Package System- The ECO package system is a simple cost effective way to save on the pool operation. The system requires twice a year maintenance, uses less 25% power, and saves valuable source water for servicing as no backwashing system or using water to clean cartridges. This system will save the entire volume of your pool water in source water in just 3 seasons on average, compared with a typical sand filter.


When researching options for a new fiberglass swimming pool the customers need to look for how do I find the best Value for my new swimming pool. The best price is never the best value as the “Get What You Pay for” holds true, but how do we get the best bang for the buck. The up charge for the various colors is significant on the overall cost of the pool shells. A standard white pool shell with inlayed marker tiles on the steps and seats will look great be comfortable for the family , and save an average of $1,000.00 on the cost of the pool itself. These markers really give the pool the built in look ,with the addition of a multicolored LED underwater light the colors come alive when the sun goes down ,adding more ‘Bang for the Buck” These two affordable options the inlayed step and seat marker tiles and the LED underwater light add the value to the project.


There are a lot of choices to be considered when looking at a swimming pool project, remember a lot of the technical options like salt systems, pool heaters, automation controls can be installed after market. The pool features like underwater lights, inlayed tiles have to be purchased at time of construction but deck upgrades, outdoor amenities can be added a long the way. The pool is no different than the family home, the backyard space can be upgraded like the other features of your home. We find that our customers can build a larger pool and deck area by adding those decorative touches a few each season.


I am considering a sun pool. Can you please send me price info to me via ; email,. before I go any futher. Thank you. [hidden].

cocgil - 9:40am, Wednesday 7 May 2014.

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tomtice - 7:44am, Sunday 1 June 2014.

I would like you to email me a copy of your warranty and closest dealer/installer.

sharonzano - 9:48am, Saturday 16 May 2015.

I would like you to email me a copy of your warranty and closest dealer/installer.

sharonzano - 9:49am, Saturday 16 May 2015.

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