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Sun Fiberglass Pools - Pet's Love Sun Pools

Pet's Love Sun Pools

posted by Sun Fiberglass Pools @ 7:58pm, Tuesday 22 June 2010.

Sun Pools are fun for pets too !!!

The backyard pool can be a great place for the family to relax and spend some quality time that includes our four legged friends. Some breeds of dogs canít resist the water and it will be a chore to keep the dogs out of the pool. The Sun Fiberglass Pools are very pet friendly the surface is hard and solid so the claws wonít scratch the surface, the built in steps make getting out of the pool easy, and the lower chemical use of the fiberglass pool wonít effect the petís skin. In some types of pools the pets can be a problem especially the vinyl liner pools as the claws can quickly cut the poolís liner

Things to consider for pets using the pool

1.) Make sure to swim with the pet and teach them where the steps are located to get out of the pool.

2.) Monitor the water balance more frequently . Keeping the water in balance will keep the pool clean and prevent your pet from having issues with their coat.

3.) Keep the poolís strainer baskets clean the surface skimmer and the pump strainer basket inside the front of pool circulation pump regularly.

4.) Stay away from Sand filters and DE filters. The reason for this is when the filters are cycled or back washed the pet dander (hair ) will be trapped inside the filter causing the filter to short cycle and will require to service more frequently. The cartridge filters are recommended for as when they are hosed off the hair will be removed each time.

5.) Just like the kids donít let your pets use the pool without supervision.

The family pet will love the pool like the rest of the family. It will take a little extra effort to keep the water clean but paying attention along with way will make the pool enjoyable for everyone.


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